RMP conducted an interview with Swedish metallers EVERGREY at this year's Graspop Metal Meeting, which took place June 25-27 in Dessel, Belgium. Watch the chat below.

EVERGREY recently parted ways with Henrik Danhage (guitar), Jonas Ekdahl (drums) and Jari Kainulainen (bass) and replaced them with Marcus Jidell (ex-ROYAL HUNT), Hannes Van Dahl and Johan Niemann (ex-THERION, MIND'S EYE), respectively.

In an official statement posted at the band's web site, guitarist/vocalist Tom S. Englund explained the decision, saying "The last tours, recordings and just hanging with each other has not been as fun and giving as earlier AND before it would go too far, resulting in a collision in between friends, which could ruin everything we have built up during the years, we decided to call it quits.

"It's sometimes both smart and foreseeing to end situations before they get out of hand and create something that is totally unnecessary and irreparable. To be in a band must be experienced as fun, giving and fulfilling. There is SO much time during a life as a touring musician that is boring that if you don't even enjoy yourself while playing then it's better to do something else."

EVERGREY's new lineup:

* Tom S. Englund - Guitar/Vocals
* Rikard Zander - Keyboards
* Marcus Jidell (ex-ROYAL HUNT) - Guitar
* Johan Niemann (ex-THERION, MIND'S EYE) - Bass
* Hannes Van Dahl - Drums

EVERGREY has a full album written and partially recorded. A tentative October release is expected.

The band added, "As with ANY change, when you give it time you realize that it's turned out for the better. So far in this EVER-LASTING changing of members in EVERGREY, it's always turned out great and brought fresh blood and motivation into the band, and the level of wanting to prove ourselves as a band is higher than EVER before."

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