DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott tells Billboard.com that the band is putting together a live album culled from its 2009 tour that may include some new material as well.

"We've got tentative plans to do a four- or five-track EP of new songs as part of it," Elliott explains, citing inspiration from previous concert releases such as KISS' "Alive II", IAN HUNTER's "Welcome to the Club" and GENESIS' "Three Sides Live", all of which included fresh songs.

"There'll be stuff from this century on it — 'Rock On', 'Nine Lives', 'Come On Come On', " Elliott notes. "Vivian [Campbell] has been in the band 17 years, so I think he deserves a shot at being on a live record. We've got a live video out from the Steve [Clark] era, [1989's] 'In the Round, In Your Face'; I've always said before that if you're desperate to hear us live, put that video on and turn your telly off and just listen to the sound."

Elliott says DEF LEPPARD is also thinking about a box set and is starting to put together a couple of books, after purchasing some 250,000 images from veteran photographer Ross Halfin.

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According to People.com, DEF LEPPARD lead guitarist Phil Collen married costume designer Helen L. Simmons on the beach at Florida's Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach resort in sunset ceremony Friday (July 16).

"We've been looking for each other our entire lifetime," Collen tells People.com. "To say we're ecstatic this day has finally come is putting it mildly. It could only be us for each other."

Guests included Collen's DEF LEPPARD bandmates Rick Savage, Vivian Campbell, as well as Muay Thai champion and trainer Jean Carrillo, who served as best man.

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