Ozzy Osbourne visited the KNAC.COM studios this afternoon (Wednesday, August 4) to chat with Junkman about Ozzfest, Osbourne's new album ("Scream") and everything else going on in Ozzy-land.

When asked about his future plans, Ozzy remarked he wanted to write another book and possibly call it "I'm Still Ozzy". He also said he'd like to make a movie based on his current book, "I Am Ozzy", and joked that actor Denzel Washington could play him. He then added, "It's very, very possible that the original SABBATH [members] are gonna finally [get together and] do the ultimate SABBATH album. And we're gonna do a tour, I think. When, I don't know. I spoke to Bill Ward [original SABBATH drummer] yesterday, and we both say we never say 'never' anymore."

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