Reunited '90s British rockers SKUNK ANANSIE will release a brand new studio album, "Wonderlustre", on September 13. The CD's first single, "My Ugly Boy", will precede the full-length effort in the U.K. on August 16.

SKUNK ANANSIE drummer Mark Richardson previously stated about the forthcoming effort, "In January of 2010 we (the freshly reformed SKUNK ANANSIE) got together to start writing a new record after almost 10 years in the wilderness. Hoorah!

"After six weeks of a daily commute to Hackney from Guildford (which involved car to the station, train to Waterloo, two tube lines, a bus and a five-minute walk) we had come the end of the writing process and whittled 80 ideas down to 25 songs.

"I love the process of song writing in SKUNK. We all bring ideas to the table and can fling them in no matter what they are, melodies, lyrics, drums and bass and guitar lines are all up for debate.

"You'd think it would take an age to get anything done being so democratic but not when everybody is of the same mind, i.e. if it's a great idea it'll get in.

"You can't be shy about putting ides forward or hurt if they don't get used but it's the best way to really maximize the best of everybody's talent and it really, really works. As you'll hear on the record.

"From there we had to get really ruthless with ourselves, put any personal attachment to any songs to one side and just choose the best darn songs. 25 became 15 became 14 as we were to lose one later on, too.

"No room for any fillers on this record. We can't afford it.

"10 years away is a massive amount of time in a business which has accelerated rate of disposability, and we have a lot of catching up to do.

"I hope you love listening to it as much as I loved recording it.

"This is a really different record for us and I'm already extremely proud of what we've achieved just in terms of the songs. It's really shaping up to be something special, but then I would say that."

Check out photos from the studio at this location.

SKUNK ANANSIE's "Because Of You" video can be viewed below.

"Because Of You" was the first single to be made available from the band's greatest-hits album, "Smashes And Trashes", which came out on November 2, 2009.

"Smashes and Trashes" is a 15-track career-embracing album. It features classic moments from SKUNK ANANSIE's three LPs — "Paranoid & Sunburnt" (1995), "Stoosh" (1996) and "Post Orgasmic Chill" (1999) — and includes three brand new tracks: "Because Of You", "Tear The Place Up" and "Squander".

SKUNK ANANSIE — vocalist Skin (Deborah Dyer), bassist Cass (Richard Lewis), guitarist Ace (Martin Kent) and drummer Mark Richardson — split up in 2001 but announced in September 2008 that they were writing new material together.

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A countdown has been launched on DIMMU BORGIR's MySpace page to what is apparently a mystery announcement that will be made on Tuesday, July 6 at 2:00 a.m. EST.

As previously reported, DIMMU BORGIR will launch the first leg of its "Darkness Reborn World Tour" by supporting KORN in Europe in September.

DIMMU BORGIR recently announced its collaboration with Norwegian composer and Berklee College of Music summa cum laude alumnus Gaute Storaas, the 51-member KORK (the Norwegian Radio Orchestra) and the 38-member Schola Cantorum Choir for the band's new album.

To date, over 101 musicians have lent their talents to the making of the CD.

DIMMU BORGIR's ninth studio album will be released in Germany on October 1, in the rest of Europe on October 4, and in North America on October 12 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Earlier in the year, guitarist Silenoz told U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's follow-up to 2007's "Il Sorte Diaboli", "The words that come to mind, if we should even try and attempt at describing [the new material] at this point, would be something like: grand, huge, epic and primal," he said. "It has this eerie and haunting feel to it. Atmosphere and ambience!

He continued, "It's hard to say anything distinct or speak objectively about the new material when you're in the middle of the writing process — we're too close to it at this stage — but we'd be lying if we said it's not good. We're very confident in the new material and we believe it'll raise a few eyebrows. We might even have to trim our own!"

Regarding why the wait between albums seems to be getting longer for DIMMU BORGIR, Silenoz said, "Because we want the next album to be a better and stronger one. We're more critical of each process and we take the time it needs. Quality is, at the end of the day, in the eye of the beholder, but once we start rushing things, like trying to write music while on tour to speed things up — forget about it. We've tried it before and it didn't work. We focus 110 percent on one thing at a time. Plus, if we'd release an album every year, where would the expectation be? Where would the excitement be?"

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Samstag auf Sonntag, den 04.07.2010        00.40 - 02.10 Uhr

(Rock am Ring am 05.06.04) [mehr]

Sonntag auf Montag, den 05.07.2010          00.30 - 03.00 Uhr



(Bonn, Harmonie, am 17.+19.03.10) [mehr]

Samstag auf Sonntag, den 11.07.2010        01.00 - 03.20 Uhr

(Rock am Ring am 03.06.06) [mehr]

Sonntag auf Montag, den 12.07.2010          00.30 - 02.55 Uhr



(Bonn, Harmonie, am 17.+20.03.10) [mehr]

Sonntag auf Montag, den 19.07.2010          00.30 - 03.00 Uhr



(Bonn, Harmonie, am 18.+19.03.10) [mehr]

Sonntag auf Montag, den 26.07.2010          00.45 - 02.45 Uhr

(Gelsenkirchen, Amphitheater, vom 21.-23.05.10) [mehr]

Samstag auf Sonntag, den 01.08.2010        00.45 - 02.15 Uhr

(Rock am Ring am 04.06.05) [mehr]

Sonntag auf Montag, den 02.08.2010          00.30 - 02.45 Uhr

Graf Zwirni

(Dortmund, FZW, am 11.05.10) [mehr]

Sonntag auf Montag, den 09.08.2010          00.30 - 02.00 Uhr

(Köln, Underground, am 16.06.10) [mehr]

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To give IRON MAIDEN fan club members a privileged insight to the band's touring world, IMTV has returned to the group's official web site, IronMaiden.com, to cover "The Final Frontier World Tour". This exclusive footage includes regular video from the live shows, touring, band interviews, insights into our crew and what they do and much, much more. The web site will also feature exclusive tour diaries, exclusive photographs and anything else that helps the fans get a real insight into the dynamics of a big tour.

The first and the latest episode of IMTV, featuring more footage from IRON MAIDEN's current North American tour, can be viewed below.

IRON MAIDEN's new album, "The Final Frontier", will be released in North America on August 17 (one day earlier internationally) via Universal Music Enterprises (UMe), the centralized U.S. catalog and special markets entity for Universal Music Group. The CD features artwork illustrated by Melvyn Grant.

The band reunited with long-time MAIDEN producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley in early 2010 at Compass Point Studios, Nassau to record the album and then moved to The Cave Studios in Malibu, California to finish the recording and do the mixing. Compass Point Studio is very familiar to the band, it was where they recorded the "Piece Of Mind" (1983), "Powerslave" (1984) and "Somewhere In Time" (1986) albums.

30 years on from their eponymous debut album in April 1980, "The Final Frontier" will be MAIDEN's 15th studio album, making a remarkable average of a new album every two years for 30 years and totaling over 80 million album sales during this period.

"The Final Frontier" track listing (total running time 76:35):

01. Satellite 15....The Final Frontier (8:40)
02. El Dorado (6:49)
03. Mother Of Mercy (5:20)
04. Coming Home (5:52)
05. The Alchemist (4:29)
06. Isle Of Avalon (9:06)
07. Starblind (7:48)
08. The Talisman (9:03)
09. The Man Who Would Be King (8:28)
10. When The Wild Wind Blows (10:59)

Following the U.S. dates, the tour will ship over to Europe starting in Dublin on July 30 and playing a few selected major festivals and stadiums , finishing in Valencia, Spain, on August 21 and including a concert in Transylvania.

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"Just Drive", a brand new song from Southern California's IN THIS MOMENT, can be streamed on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the group's third album, "A Star-Crossed Wasteland", which is scheduled for release on July 13 via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded at The Wolves Den studio in Las Vegas, Nevada with producer Kevin Churko (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH).

"A Star-Crossed Wasteland" track listing:

01. The Gun Show
02. Just Drive
03. The Promise
04. Standing Alone
05. A Star-Crossed Wasteland
06. Blazin'
07. The Road
08. Iron Army
09. The Last Cowboy
10. World In Flames

Audio snippets of the entire new album can be heard now exclusively on iTunes.

IN THIS MOMENT recently performed on Fuel TV's "The Daily Habit" show, which will debut later this month. Head over now to this location to view some behind-the-scenes photos from the performance.

Commented guitarist Chris Howorth: "As I write this, we are currently nine days from the start of the [Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival].

"We have been holed up in our rehearsal studio for the last two weeks working on all the new songs and putting together our set list. We have dialed in a pretty brutal set comprised of songs from our first album and our new CD.

"We can't wait to unleash these songs on the Mayhem crowd every day.

"Over the last two days we have also done a live performance for Fuel TV and an acoustic performance/interview for Revolver TV. Both performances went great and we were stoked that our good friend Adrian Patrick from OTHERWISE flew in to perform the song 'The Promise' with us at both events. It was crazy seeing a dude on stage singing with us, but it was also a really cool change from the norm. Maria [Brink, IN THIS MOMENT frontwoman] and Adrian are singing this duet together and playing off each other, so it's really dramatic.

"Also, on a really cool side note, Adrian is planning to follow the Mayhem tour to perform 'The Promise' with us each day, so fans will get to see the song performed just like it is on the album all summer.

"We are releasing a new song called 'Just Drive' today and it's one of Maria's and my favorite songs from the album. It's a driving, up-tempo song with an epic chorus and aggressive guitar work. We can't wait for fans to hear it."

There is a pre-order package deal now available where fans can purchase the new album for $25 which also comes with an exclusive button, sticker, shirt and autographed photo. These materials can only be found in this CMDistro pre-order package bundle and supplies are limited. The CD can also be pre-ordered separately for the low price of $10.

IN THIS MOMENT's "The Gun Show" video can be viewed below. The cowboy-themed clip was filmed in the Los Angeles area on May 16 with director David Brodsky (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, OPIATE FOR THE MASSES) of MyGoodEye, who previously worked on IN THIS MOMENT's "Forever" video.

IN THIS MOMENT's sophomore album, "The Dream", sold more than 8,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 70 on The Billboard 200 chart.

IN THIS MOMENT is represented by Mercenary Management, which is headed up by OZZY OSBOURNE/ex-ROB ZOMBIE bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson.

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APOCALYPTICA traveled to Los Angeles in early June to shoot a music video for "End Of Me", the first single from the Finnish rock cello quartet's upcoming album, "7th Symphony". The song features BUSH singer Gavin Rossdale on vocals, with Rossdale also making an appearance in the video.

The clip can now be viewed below.

"7th Symphony" is scheduled for release on August 24. The majority of the album was produced by Joe Barresi (TOOL, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, BAD RELIGION), with two other songs produced by Howard Benson (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, MOTÖRHEAD, PAPA ROACH).

Just like on their previous album, "Worlds Collide", APOCALYPTICA has employed guest vocalists for several tracks on the record. APOCALYPTICA member Eicca Toppinen told The Pulse of Radio that it's always a challenge to fit the band's music around each individual singer's style. "You know, there's certain challenges, but we also, we always want to see how the vocals fit in that, "he said. "(But) after that, we work on the arrangements and see what else with the cellos we can create around the vocals. But I think with everybody — we've been so lucky to work with some great people, so it's always pretty easy."

Other guest artists on "7th Symphony" include SHINEDOWN frontman Brent Smith, FLYLEAF singer Lacey Mosley, vocalist Joseph Duplantier of French metal act GOJIRA and drummer Dave Lombardo from SLAYER.

2008's "Worlds Collide" was the first APOCALYPTICA album to really break through in the U.S., as well as the first by the band to make major use of vocals after a number of instrumental outings.

Vocalists on that record included THREE DAYS GRACE frontman Adam Gontier, LACUNA COIL singer Cristina Scabbia, RAMMSTEIN frontman Til Lindemann and SLIPKNOT vocalist Corey Taylor, who sang on the single, "I'm Not Jesus".

"End Of Me" video:

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KORN was the musical guest on last night's (Thursday, July 1) edition of ABC-TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (which actually aired this morning — Friday, July 2). The band performed the songs "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)" and "Let The Guilt Go" on air, and continue on for four more songs off air, playing "Freak On A Leash", "Coming Undone", "Got The Life" and "Blind" for their fans.

Watch video footage of the band's appearance on the program below.

KORN makes a deliberate return to its musical roots on its upcoming album "Korn III - Remember Who You Are", which arrives on July 13 and follows up 2007's untitled eighth studio album. The band even recruited old friend and producer Ross Robinson, who worked on the band's 1994 debut and 1996's "Life Is Peachy", to produce the new record. Singer Jonathan Davis told The Pulse of Radio why the band decided to go retro. "We felt it was time for us to go back and try and do like an old-school record," he said. "After 'Peachy', we started, you know, working with different producers and really experimenting, and with Untitled it feels like we've explored all we wanted to explore, and it was time for us to strip things back down again and just write an intense, emotional record."

Davis told Billboard.com on June 25 that KORN "hit a wall creatively with all the experimentation" on its last effort, a fact perhaps represented in the album's less than stellar sales.

KORN also courted controversy on 2005's "See You On The Other Side" by working with songwriting team The Matrix, known for their work with Avril Lavigne.

"Remember Who You Are" is the band's first album with independent label Roadrunner Records after a two-record stint with EMI Music.

The first single and video from the album is called "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)". The clip was shot in the downtrodden California town of Oildale, near where KORN was formed in Bakersfield.

KORN will co-headline this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour, along with ROB ZOMBIE, beginning on July 10 in San Bernardino, California.


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